Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chinese Model Rock Ji

Chinese Model Rock Ji

This hot hunk was born on April 8, 1981 in China.  He was a 2nd placer in the Men’s UNO Chinese model way back 2005. He stands 6' 2".

I like the concept of these photos, very akin to the athletes of the Golden Age.

Quick Facts about Rock Ji:

Name: Rock Ji
Birthplace: Liao Ning China
Height: 188 cms
Weight: 178 kgs
Chest: 105 cms
Male Pageant Joined:
-Men's UNO Chinese Model 2005- Second Place
-Champion of the World Best Model 2002
-China's Top Ten Models 2007
- Maxim Magazine Top Male Fashion Model 2007
-China's Fashion Male Model-Given by China Fashion Awards

Product Endorsements
-Bench Body
Has done shows for:
-Louie Vitton
-Giorgio Armani
-Salvatore Ferragamo
-Hugo Boss
-Dolce and Gabbana

Posed for:
-Men's Health
-Marie Claire

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