Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amazing Thailand

Amazing Thailand

There are a lot of reasons to visit Thailand. I am from the Philippines and my mind is busy daydreaming of visiting this country.

Thailand has great resorts.

Phuket Resort (just forget what happened with the nightmare of the tsunami)

One blogger stated "It’s not a secret anymore that Bangkok has one of the hottest and wild nightlife scenes in the whole of Southeast Asia", not to mention the bars for gays in Bangkok.

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TRAVELLING ? That’s my middle name

BUt what has convinced me more are the hottest men Thailand can offer on the media industry. It's hard to put down all the Thai guys i consider hot otherwise we'll have an endless list.

Thong-aek Piyawart, photographer

Thong-aek Piyawart  a photographer
A hot photgrapher taking pictures of a hot model, why not? That would be a lovely sight to behold!

Peter Corp Derendal, singer
He looks like Brad Pitt

Nicky Sura Teerakol, singer

Bad Siwatch, badminton athlete

X Piya, model

Nat Thephasadin, actor

Korn Kiatfuengfoo, news reporter

Rome Patchata Nampan

Polar Isuan Chuangplong

Tik Jessadaporn Pholdee, actor

Thun Thanakorn, actor

Well, with all of these men, which is just a tiny fraction of the population, one day i'll fly away.

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jfook said...

HAHA. Because of the hot guys? LOL

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hahaha correct :D