Thursday, June 10, 2010

Piya Vimuktayon's X factor, Oozing with sex appeal - Thai model

Piya Vimuktayon, Oozing with sex appeal.

As we continue to celebrate the beauty of Asian men, on this issue we are featuring the X Factor of Piya Vimuktayon, also known as "X". I am still wondering as to what is the exact reason as to why he has this nickname. Having such kind of nickname is parallel to being "unknown", as with Mathematics.  My take on

this is perhaps this can be an overstatement of the fact the he is indeed oozing with sex appeal. Thus, an X factor. Looking on the eyes of  Piya,  it seems that you are being teased by him. It's like saying "Come baby"Each time I look at his pictures i can see sexiness and masculinity. I couldn't help it but it really fires my imagination. But each time i hear him talk (though i do not understand Thai) I can see a boy talking, i find him like a cute boy speaking with innocent smiles. He is such a curious combination of masculinity, sex appeal and cuteness.

Quick facts on Piya

Name : Piya Vimuktayon.
Nickname : "X"
Birthday : 23 October 1979.
Nationality : Thai.
Occupation : Actor, Model.

 What i love about Piya is that he is indeed oozing with sex appeal. He is like an epitome of masculinity. One look at him and there is no doubt that he is indeed a man. His looks melts me, honestly. When i first saw his pictures 5 years ago (2005), I almost fell down from my chair. I was like "holy cow, who the hell is this guy? He's so damn hot!"

What i love about these pics, aside from his hotness, is the fashion. I really like the fabric being used, i'm not sure if these are silk, very Asian. These pics not only showcase the hotness of Asian men but also the beauty of Asian fashion.  Especially the pic that smoothly covers the bulge, revealing his hotness.

X Piya Pics

More pics of X Piya

Wait 'til you see you more of him on this video.

Video of X Piya from YouTube

Well.. What can you say?