Monday, June 28, 2010

Revisiting Brapanese Mania, A closer look on the preference on beauty

Revisiting Brapanese Mania
A closer look on the preference on beauty

Daniel Matsunaga

As we continue to celebrate the hotness of Brapanese models mania, on which we explore more on models. Brapanese is a word that was born in an attempt to coin a term for the phenomenon of loving Brazilian - Japanese models, which started in Thailand, of which the Philippines responded thereafter. It is a combination of the the term  Brazilian and Japanese. For the previous entry on Brapanese, click on here

The picture above is Daniel Matsunaga who looks like a teenager. I really find him hot on this picutre. I would love to explore more of him. For the previous post, you may check out here

In a country called Philippines, almost all of the
celebrities are a mixture of races. People may assert that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if we look at the faces on billboards, TV and movies, you will see one thing in common, they all are mixed races of Caucasian + Asian. It is like there is implied unwritten rule for media, Caucasian + Asian = success in the silver screen. This may explain the phenomenon of Brazilian Japanese mania. 

Leandro Okabe

Leandro Okabe
To understand media viewer's response on this, we may look at the history of media. For more than half a century, our eyes have been bombarded by the Western cinema, dictating the definition of beauty and culture. Thus, unconsciously, the definition of beauty may have been skewed to give preference on the western image. But then again i have nothing against this, this is just again me.