Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Tribute to Hot Brazilian/Japanese Models

This time, we will pay tribute to the beauty of Brazilian/Japanese models. To explain why there is a mixture of Brazilian and Japanese race, we need to go look back at our history when thousand Japanese families migrated to Brazil for better living condition.

In 1902, Italy enacted Decree Prinetti which prohibited subsidized immigration since European immigrants who worked for coffee plantation in Sao Paolo also had similar conditions faced by the black slaves; long working hours, very low salaries and ill-treatment of their bosses. This decree led to a shortage of laborers.

On the far side of the planet, Japan was experiencing great poverty at the end of feudalism; many Japanese began to search for better living condition. In 1907, the Japanese and Brazilian governments signed a treaty permitting Japanese to migrate to Brazil. 790 people came to Brazil in 1908, most of these were farmers. In the first seven years, there were 3, 343 families (or 14, 983 people) arrived. When World War I (1914) started, the figure increased from the year 1917 to 1940 to over 164, 000 of which 75% of them went to Sao Paolo wherein most of the plantations were situated.
fide22Some of the Japanese married Brazilian citizens and thus producing a great combination of Asian and Caucasian race. We can perhaps thank history, but all I can say is that I am glad that it has produced these great hunks like Fabio Ide, Akihiro Sato, Daniel Matsunaga, Leandro Okabe to name a few.