Monday, May 31, 2010

exploring Mike Lewis, hot and fresh actor from Indonesia

Here are more pictures as we explore the hotness of Mike Lewis. For the previous entry on the headshot or portrait shots of Mike Lewis, you can view his pics by clicking here .

Let us now explore his body shots.

Mike is the youngest among the three and only the son of Ken and Wendy Lewis. He finished his degree in the School of Politics at British Columbia University, Canada.

His endorsements include Greensands soft drink for South-east Asia region, Brylcream, LG Cellular, Pond’s for South-east Asia region, Mizone mineral water, Gatsby Wax for South-east Asia region among others.

as a model on the runway.

Oh this is my favorite part, exploring the bulge.

On our next entry, we will now explore his hotness as we look closer on his sexy pics for cosmopolitan and other projects.

If you'd like to see the previous entry with his portrait shots, you can visit our entry by clicking here

All photos credit to the owner.