Monday, May 31, 2010

a taste of Mike Lewis, hot and fresh from Indonesia

Mike Lewis, hot and fresh from Indonesia

Mike Lewis
Height: 6'0" 
Suit: 40R 
Shirt: 15.5 
Waist: 32 
Inseam: 33/34 
Shoes: 11 
Hair: Dark Brown 
Eyes: Hazel

Quick facts about Mike Lewis:

His full name is Michael Lewis, also known with the Nickname "MIke". This hot hunk is an international model and actor based in Indonesia. Though he was born in Tokyo,
Japan on October 22, 1981, he is a great combination of  Canadian-Indonesian-Chinese, his father is Canadian (Ken Lewis) and his mother is Wendy.  He started out as a model and later tried acting. He didn't go wrong, in fact he is one of the hottest celebrity in Indonesia.

One interesting fact about this guys is that he can talk converse in English, French, Indonesian, Mandarin and a little of Thai. 

So let's explore his hotness. The best way of doing that is to start with the head-shots.

More pics Mike Lewis coming soon as we explore his body.

All photos credit to the owners.