Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Collection of Asian Hotties

Random Asian Hotties

It has been two days and i have not posted any. In lieu of the absence, the return post should cover the absence on which the best way of doing so is to provide heat. Thus this time we would like explore random Asian hotties. We will feature pictures i am not aware as to who the model is.

For this guy, what i like about him is the poutness of his lips. He's like telling us viewers " Cmon over, kiss me". I also like his cheekbones, chin, fierce eyebrow and of course the eyes. Hmm..almost everything.

More pics on "click more of him"

for this model, well, he's cute.

I like the aura of his eyes, very seductive. His eyes pulls my glance from his bulge

I am not sure if is name is To Wai, the name of the file is labeled as such.

another hottie, i like the pants, very generous in letting others see his undies. The way i see loose pants showing parts of their underwear, it's like telling us "i'm ready, just pull this down".

Very manly, i like his appeal. For this guy, you do not have any doubt that he is a dude.

Johnny Nguyen

another pic of him

Johnny Nguyen


another pic of Johnny Nguyen

His eyes are seductive

The face, the bod, the abs, the bulge,

Unknown hottie

The label of the file is Steve Vai, i am not sure if that is his name.

The best way of celebrating new year is to be with this guy

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