Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Men in a Woman's outfit

Have you ever wondered how our favorite models will look like in woman's outfit?




Let's see

Ro Jam Wang


Ro Jam Wang

Ro Jam Wang (王朱筱寅) in a woman's outfit.

Ok, I still find him hot. Now that's what i call a model. Ro Jam Wang (王朱筱寅) is a supermodel gracing the runway of Shanghai and Paris.

Brent Chua


Ro Jam Wang

Brent Chua in woman's shoes. Brent Chua is a Filipino Chinese model referred to as Asian Male Supermodel. After walking the runways of the Asian region and Europe, including Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, where he won the "Male Model of the Year" category at the Singapore Fashion Awards 2004, he headed to New York City. Currently represented by Ford Models, he has appeared in campaigns such as Benetton, Bang and Olufsen, TIGI Bedhead, Motorola, and Macy's, and has walked the catwalks of Versace, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Gucci, and Boss.
Jon Avila (real name Jon Mullaly), a model turned actor based in the Philippines.

KC Montero



KC Monterro as Cassandra Monte

KC Monterro dressed as Cassandra Monte, let me clarify that he made did because of a bet, that if Justin Bieber wil "follow" him back on Twitter then he will dress as a woman. Well, it seems that he lost the bet, thus he appeared in his radio show as Cassandra Monte, in fact his (err.. her?) actress friends even lent him the outfit and the wig.  KC Monterro is a TV host in the Philippines and was an MTV VJ for 8 years.

Now let's give it a twist

Rustom Padilla



Ok this needs some clarification. Rustom Padilla was one of the hottest actor in the Philippines. Then he became silent for more than a decade. To cut it short, he decided to reveal his "real self" and eventually decided to be a woman. His famous line is "Rustom is dead, I am now Bb Gandanghari (Miss Beautiful King).

Nong Tum



Now this calls for an explanation. Nong Tum is a famous transexual in Thailand. She used to be a famous Thai kickboxing instructor (and i should say he was hot), until he became a she.

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