Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bedtime Stories on typhoon Basyang (Conson)

Bedtime Stories

Won’t you just love to sleep with these hunks? There is something sexy in seeing a naked man sleeping. It fires up or imagination, it suggest action. Moreover, in seeing a guy sleeping, you will see genuine innocence, no pretensions, and no inhibitions.

As of writing this blog,  I can hear the strong winds batting down on my walls corteusy of typhoon Basyang in the Philippines (international name "Conson"). The metal roof on my neighbor keeps on banging down on its frame and the sound is so defeaning. It would have been great if with this kind of situation, there is a hunk like these guys sleeping with me, don't you think so?

Nicky Sura Teerakol, Thai

Nicky Sura Teerakol, Thai

Richy Vergara,Filipino

Shen Chi Ho

Kin Ji Hoon,Korean

Hu Bing, Chinese

Mario Maurer, Thai

Kenny Kwan,Hong Kong

This image from Manila Gay Guy

Choi Ho Jin

Eric Mun

Kwon Sang Woo

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