Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vaness Wu

Vaness Wu

Quick Facts
Simplified Chinese:  吴建豪
Traditional Chinese:  吳建豪

During the F4 mania, i will accept the fact that i got hooked on its first season since their faces are new to my eyes. It was like my eyes were given a retreat against the overexposed local celebrities. But on it's second season, the iron has heated so much and they have rubbed it so much. Nevertheless, i still find them hot.

It wasn't long ago when i featured Asian Abs on which i featured Vaness Wu as part of the collection. WHen i saw his pic, i was like "hmm.. is this really him?" During the F4 mania he wasn't that buff yet, so my surprise was more like a disbelief that he is that buff.

Vaness Wu was born in Sta Monica, United States and speaks fluent Mandarin and English. In fact, before he moved to Korea, he worked as a telemarketer in the US.


* Meteor Garden [2001]

* Meteor Rain [2001]

* Meteor Garden II [2001]

* Peach Girl [2002]

* Come To My Place [2002]

* Say Yes Enterprise [2004]

* Wish To See You Again [2008]


* Star Runner [2003]

* Dragon Squad [2005]

* Kung Fu Fighter [2007]

* Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon [2008]

* LaMB [2009]

* Grand Theater [?]

* Kung Fu Chef [?]


* MP3 Recorder Walkman

* Smiemens 2118

* Legend Computers

* Mingle Shoes

* Lu Piao Shampoo

* Samuel & Kevin

* Bicowave & Bicogirl

* Pepsi 2002 ~ 2005


Pepsi Fire and Ice Adverts with Vaness WU and Tata Young

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tonijr555 said...

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