Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rocky Salumbides, a Controversial model

Rocky Salumbides, a controversial model

What made him controversial?

Try Googling his name; you will have suggestions like "Rocky Salumbides nude photo",  Rocky  
Salumbides nude" among others.But how did this all started? He had a photo shot by Leslie Kee on  a coffee table book entitled  "Superstars". Rocky, felt lucky to
be included along with other household names in Asia such as Sam Lee Chan-Sam,Daniel Wu,Faye Wong, Edison Chen, Aaron Kwok, Alex Fong,Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui, Carl Ng,Charlie Yang, Dicky Cheung, Duncan Chow, Jaycee Chan Fong, Joey Yung,Julian Cheung ,Kenny Kwan,Tony Leung,Nicholas Tse,Sandy Lam, Shawn Yue,Stephen Fung, Tony Leung,William So.  The book, (which was actually priced at a whopping US$ 300), was intended 

for a charitable cause to help the tsunami victims.

His appearance, and the way he appeared shook a great deal of controversy among the nosy people. Others reacted heavily especially on the size, to the point that her mother sent a letter to a blogger to air out her stand on Rocky's act. I'm glad that majority, including I, were happy to see everything of him, and his jewel. Nevertheless, he did that for a worthy cause. Besides, that is nude photography. My stand is, there is nothing wrong about doing so. Perhaps, it's how the viewer put meaning on the object of gaze.

But let's backtrack a little bit. How did it all started?

His Real Name is Alvin Kirby Salumbides. He was born August 30, 1980. He started modeling in 2004 after he was discovered by celebrity make- up artist Jiny Ilusorio.   Rocky explained how he was discovered when he was interviewed by Ruel J. Mendoza for Philippine Entertainment Portal. He mentioned that he was playing Basketball for Trinity College and he was on intercollegiate team. He further mentioned that he met Jinky through a common friend and he was asked if he would want to be a model.  It took him a year to decide since his dream was to become a basketball player. 

 It was only then he contacted Jinky when he thought he was ready to face the modeling industry. I’m glad he made that move. Otherwise my eyes will not be jumping for joy had he not made the decision. Even if would’ve made it big-time on basketball, these men watching him play certainly won’t care about his beauty. 

Let’s see what he’s got.  Though i don't find anything wrong on nude photography, as such is indeed a great form of art, i still have succumbed to the norms of the majority. Thus,should you desire for the whole pic, click here