Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Asian Abs Part 2

Asian Abs Part 2

Previsouly I have featured hot Asian Abs (click on the link to see the previous post). I'd love to feature more of them with new faces. What i really like about Asians because these hunks are lean yet well toned, not a jocky type guy.

click on "more of him" for more pics

Ok, i find this guy really hot, the problem is that i don't know his name.

Nagase Tomoya, Japanese. This guy is hot as well.

Nagase Tomoya

Gackt, Japanese


Bae Yong Joon, Korean. I thought this is a wooden sculpture.

Bae Yong Joon

Yoon Kye Sang, Korean

Yoon Kye Sang

Kwong Sang Woo, Korean

Kwong Sang Woo

and ending the post with a bang!!

more hunks!!

Jae Joong, Yun Ho, Jun Su, Chang Min and Yoo Chun

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OnnZai said...

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tonijr555 said...

Thanks OnnZai, im following and "liked it" on facebook. And im excited to know on who's gonna be the contestants

Anonymous said...

i do believe the really hot guy (2nd photo) whose name you don't know is Rain :)

tonijr555 said...

@ Anonymous:

OMG! that's rain? wow! i have not recognized him on that pic! he's hot on that pic, yeha he has nice abs, and he is hot. Thanks for the info