Friday, June 11, 2010

Alvin Goh, Hot Singaporean model

Alvin Goh, Hot Singaporean Model 

Alvin Goh is a model from Singapore.   Despite his hotness, what is so
surprising about Alvin Goh is that i coudn't find any information about this hunk. Perhaps if there is any, it may have been written on Chinese.

These pics would attest about the quality the pictures produced of him being the model.  Alvin Goh provides light on the pictures. The chemistry with the partner is so natural.

Alvin Goh really has the quality of a model, his cheekbones are well defined giving more shadows on his portrait photo.  I also like the fashion on the pic below, very oriental, i like  this blue silk robe he's wearing  with flowers printed on it.

Something that my eyes won't miss out, the bulge.

This was Alvin Goh's picture when he was still young. He look more hotter as he became more mature. 


I really like his smile, check out his video on a "go see". 

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