Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Marco Alcaraz

Marco Alcaraz

He started as a basketball player but due to his leg injury, he wont be able to play anymore. He was 

devastated with what happened since that was part of his dream, to become a star player.But fate had other plans for him. He first appeared in the the soapr opera with Judy Ann Santos and Wowie de Guzman. While appearing on TV, he had been given offer to be part of Bench endorser. Thus we've seen him on billboards the size of a building wearing nothing but only a piece of cloth giving us a piece of heaven as we glance on the a piece of sky. I won't thank the accident, that's too rude. All i can i do is to be thankful with what I am seeing. So let's explore his hotness.

This pic is from a magazine for the Bench Underwear Show

With Jay R Sillona playing at the background, this was taken at the backstage during Bench Blackout Fashion Show.

The following pictures reveals more of his skin on a more daring role on an independent movie.