Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot Brazilian/Japanese Model Fabio Ide

Our Featured Hunk for the Day



Our second installment on our Brazilian - Japanese models is this hot young man who is making waves in the Philippines, his name is Fabio Ide.

Born as  Fabio Luis Ide in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He will be turning 27 this Christmas (2010). He is 6 feet tall. He was a Marketing student at the McKenzie University in Brazil when his sister invited him for a go see. Then projects for him came in for different countries. 

His friend Rocky Salumbides convinced him to visit Philippines since he has this looks that Filipinos like. Rocky did not go wrong since the Filipinos love him.

His first major appearance in the mainstream media was for Enervon TV ad for 2007 with Iza Calzado, although he also appeared in other TV ads such as C2 share.

here is the video for the TV ad for "Enervon more energy mas happy"

more pics of Fabio Ide