Non Celebs

Although I may be trying to make an attempt to violate somebody else's privacy, but hell no i couldn't  stop- I find them hot. This is a fun thing to do, snooping on somebody else's privacy and discovering something good, although this is not voyeurism. This is the good thing about new media, transcending the boundaries of privacy. Although others may have the choice to select as to who may view their pictures. Nevertheless, if you are the owner of the pic or if you are the one on the pic and prefers not to be included on the list (of hot men of Asia), please tell me so through sending an email, or on the other hand, if you prefer to be included, please tell me so.

So here are just some of the pics to start with

Mike Mendoza

Yeoh Edwards

Ron Madrid

Dennis Estorcio

unidentified cutie

Kevin Martinez

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