Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jake Cuenca, a beefy boy.

Jake Cuenca, a beefy boy.

This photo credit: Gwapo Republic

I couldn't help but appreciate "boy next door" with a beefy body. Perhaps this appreciation is deeply rooted on the notion that guys with a "boy next door" image only have

faces to show and are usually wimpy in comparison to ramp models. I remember what Professor Minerva McGonagall  mentioned on one of the Harry Potter series, Goblet of Fire: "Potter is a boy, not a piece of meat!"

Yes i agree, boys will always be boys, no matter what. But won't you just love it if a hunk may contain the elixir of youth?

Jake Cuenca, born to a Filipina mother and a Spanish father, grew up in San Jose, California. He is the youngest brother of his sibling. Although he started his show business career when he was nine years old and has been in the silver screen from 1996 to 1998.. But he was lost and went back to show business in 2003 for GMA network on a youth oriented flick “Click”, he was part of the second batch. He also played different roles on the same network after the Click was defunct. He transferred to another network which is ABS CBN, though his transfer was not that controversial unlike other stars. I remember watching him as a guest on ASAP, a concert show in ABS CBN, which airs on Sunday 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM, and appearing on a program of the competing network (GMA) which is Love to Love at 2:30 PM. I was wondering, why is he a guest on ASAP wherein he has a contract on the other network? Whatever the reason was, it was the start of a bang on his career. He was given major roles in ABS CBN, and this made him a household name in the Philippines.

One of his breakthrough on hi careers is when he played the role of a soldier in Tayong Dalawa.

Jake Cuenca is generous enough letting viewers feast on these sight. What a sight to behold.

One of his billboards on a major route in the Philippines.

a closer look

Several people mentions that this causes traffic.

on Magazines

For X - Ray Magazines

Well, do you want more of him?  More on succeeding posts.