Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot Brazilian/Japanese Model Leandro Okabe more pics


First on our installment on our tribute to the beauty of Brazillian Japanese is Leandro Okabe.
Quick Facts on Leandro:
Age: 23 years
Height: 1,84 m
Weight: 80 kg
Birth: 01/06/85

Leandro Okabe is a Brazilian model. Though he began his modeling career in Asia, mostly in Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand and Hong Kong and later was discovered by an agency in Brazil .

He was the Terra's "The Boy" model in 2007. Leandro Okabe is 6 feet tall, 23-year-old and a Physical Education student from Sao Paulo , Brazil .

He was also called Leandro Bulhoes so don’t be surprised to see pictures of him under this name. But he then made a decision to switch back to his real name, Leandro Okabe.